Tanker Bid Awarded
Bid for tanker has been awarded to Deep South Trucks out of Simenary, MS.
Bid Specifications
St Tammany FD9 is the recipient of a $310,000 grant to buy a NEW fire engine and a reconditioned tanker truck.  We have taken input from everyone here in the fire department to design the best possible truck(s) for our community.  There are many different manufacturers, dealers and truck design possibilities with prices ranging from $185,ooo to over a million dollars.  We chose the bottom of the line, base model, no frills commercial cab design to be the best "fit" for our community.  What's a commercial cab design you ask?  Well, basically there are two different types of chassis that we can choose from, a commercial cab and a custom cab.  The custom cab is a chassis that is built from the rails up at the fire truck manufacturer.  These trucks typically have a "big square box" type of cab configuration that will seat 4-8 firefighters inside the cab.  A commercial cab is a commercially produced chassis that is built by a truck manufacturer by the thousands, like Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbuilt, etc.  These cabs usually have seating for 2-3 people max and are about $60,000 less in cost than the custom cabs.  At FD9, we seldom have the need for seating more than 2 people at a time inside the cab so a custom cab would be a luxury that we do not need.  A commercial cab suits our needs for not only now, but for the next 15-20 years most likely, so it fits our need best.  Our trucks are 7-40 years old.  They last a long time so we have to make sure that whatever we choose will be built to last a long time.  We have 5 fire engines at FD9, a 2007, 1996, 1992, 1984 and a 1974 model truck.  We also have 5 tankers here, 19-32 years old.  The rebuilt tanker we are designing will be taking the place of our two oldest tankers, a 1982 & a 1984 model.  We hope to keep the cost of that truck under $100,000.  The actual plans for the trucks are available here on our website for you to look at.  Please feel free to  download and read all that goes into designing a new engine and a tanker for your fire department.  If you have any further questions or input we would love to hear from you. 

To download specs click on link Pumper Bid Specs and Tanker Bid Specs

Great News!!!
It was made official today from notices by Senator David Vitter, Senator Mary Landrieu and Congressman Steve Scalise that we have been awarded a grant to buy FD9 a new fire engine AND a reconditioned/rebuilt tanker truck. All totaled, it's $294,500 with a match of $15,500 to be able to spend $310,000 total. WHAT A GREAT DEAL. This is part of the Federal FEMA AFG Grant system. This will be our 7th grant awarded by AFG. And, the grant was all written in-house at no cost to the department. More details to follow.

Congratulations Michael Accardo
Captain Michael Accardo has been promoted to the rank of Chief of Training. Thank You Chief Accardo for all of your efforts to keep us properly trained.

Fire Camp 2014
This years Fire Camp was a huge success, thanks to our volunteer organization and newly formed Youth Fire Corps organization. We had 109 kids at camp this year. Thanks go out to our sponsors for their generous donations, we could not have done this without them. We are looking forward to next years camp. It just keeps getting better and better!



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